I am aquatic scientist based in Montreal, Canada, interested in freshwater ecosystems. Check out my ORCiD page or my CV for a summary of my education, employment history and, a list of publications. For information about my ongoing projects, please consult my ResearchGate page.

To understand the principles of ecology and evolution, I use mesocosm experiments and theoretical models. In particular, I focus on questions relating to the effects of anthropogenic changes, such as nutrient pollution, rising temperatures and, atmospheric pCO2, on ecosystem functioning.

My favourite writing tool is Posit (previously RStudio) with RMarkdown. This approach allows me to develop manuscripts in a way that makes the data processing and analyses more transparent compared to traditional writing, where the text is separate from the analysis. You can find an introductory presentation and workshop on RMarkdown and the git version control system, which I co-authored with Rebecca Garner on my GitHub page.

I love to use various forms of active mobility and advocate for more and safer bicycle lanes with initiatives such as Critical Mass. For the occasional passive-aggressive tweet about North American car culture, check out my Twitter profile.

Finally, don’t hesitate to shoot me an email if you would like to chat for any reason whatsoever!